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The Unknown Ghosts

Need u guys to report your loss last night!


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TWL 4v4 - SAF v TUG (2-0, 2-0) last nights match, I wasn't in it but our scratch squad seemed to have played well.


SAF really want to get to it's 100th match and hopefully at the no1 spot by then.


16 hours to report your loss, unless you have a complaint this is way too long to leave it.


It's preventing us from challenging for one of the two top spots, as our allies we would be grateful if you could report it.


I hate having to ask, but please :blush:

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:unsure: I'm not sure who posts the TWL GR 'result', because I don't play it, but if it's Beaver (I'm guessing because it was a TWL match), then i'm afraid he is not back at his PC until Sunday pm because he is helping someone with a house move.


If anyone else has the necessary 'authority' to post the afformentioned results please do so asap in response to the above post. Many Thanks.

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I reported it this morning.


You guys (SAF) should just have posted the match scores in the Match Comms as soon as you saw it hadn't been reported yet & asked a GR Admin to post itor alternatively jumped into our TS and asked what was going on or even into our GR server.


I have no idea why it wasnt posted at the end, didnt play & was AFK til late on sunday.

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sorry every one was my fault!


it was the last game i played then i turned off my comp and i havent been back online till now, as i have been away from home.


thanks for posting beaver


sorry again for my missing of report


hope you get your 100th match done SAF



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