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The Unknown Ghosts

Code of Conduct


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Code of Conduct


The Unknown Ghosts [.TuG.] are a collection of like-minded gamers who formed to have fun playing online games.


These include games such as: Ghost Recon, Ghost Recon:Advanced Warfighter, Counter-Strike: Source & many others that have passed over time.


Player Rules:


1. Respect fellow members as individuals and recognise the authority of senior members. If you are asked to do something by a senior member whilst playing online, then please do it.


2. Never use racial, religious or sexually intolerant language against another member or another online player. This will give the team a bad name and you may be dismissed.


3. Never display un-sporting or childish behaviour towards a fellow member or another online player. This will give the team a bad name and you may be dismissed.


4. Never use cheats or unlawful modifications that will give you an unfair advantage against opponents. This includes GLITCHING on maps, etc.


Any member found cheating on any servers will be dismissed from the team.


5. Respect the Host of the server you may be playing on, and follow any rules that are being enforced. If a Host asks you to move teams, or stop moaning, or stop asking for maps, then: Just Do It.


6. Don't be quick to accuse people of cheating, because they are beating you. If you suspect that someone is cheating on a server, inform a senior member of the team and they can raise the issue the senior members of the team\'s server you are playing on.


7. If you are hosting on the .TuG. dedicated servers, then please abide by the following rules:


i. Let people know when they join the server of any special rules you may be playing with. i.e. Pistols only, Snipers only, etc.


ii. DO NOT give out the .TuG. server passwords. It takes time to reset all passwords, so keep them to yourself.


iii. If someone is being abusive to you or other players on the server, then please ask them to stop it, as it will not be tolerated.


If they persist, then BOOT them.


iv. Remember that you are playing for FUN. Try and ensure that other players joining/playing are OK with your rules & map selections, otherwise they\'ll just leave and won't come back.


Failure to comply with the above rules could result in you being dismissed.




This post is duplicated within the 'Membership Requests' Section of our forums and is available to all who visit.


.TuG. Tantalus

(Forum Moderator)

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