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My new gaming mouse

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I had one of those on my christmas list but never got it - the wife ordered one from overclockers.co.uk, along with a gaming mousemat, but due to the amount of orders they had for the festive period I would not get it in time & so she cancelled the whole thing :sad:


hey ho - but she bought me a laptop in the meantime so I musn't grumble :)


It looks 'the dogs' - but, my ol' mate beaver, I doubt even that mouse can stop you eating as much 'in-game' lead [or so I've heard] ;)

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That mouse is really nice Beaver, I have the Red razor. It took me a while to get used to but it was well worth it in CSS, I set my sensitivity to 4.8 and downloaded the newest drivers. It also runs well with Ravenshield too.. I wouldn't get any other mouse now, RAZOR rocks... :)

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