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The Unknown Ghosts



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im a bit unconventional. I normally go for a sniper gun. Not any sniper gun but the M24. It is currently in use by the US army. single shot with manual reload. Thats how a sniper gun should be.


If i have to use an assault rifle, I will use AN-94. Probably the best assault rifle made by the ruskies. I actually got to fire one in Phuket, Thailand. This baby is 'da bomb'. I dont like other rifles and never ever use OICW. The zoom is incredibly high for an assualt weapon.


But if im not in snipin mode i am equipped with MP5 with 4 sensors. MP5 rocks at close range but at longer range, u are dead meat.


And if i have to use a support weapon, i will use the FN M240G definitely. The best MG the world has known. even the US are dumping the m60 aka 'the pig' for this Belgian made sexy killing machine. :wub:

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I like the svd for sniping, the ret is quit fast and zoom is amazing :)

i will have to try the mp5 more ---- but when i have used it in the past people shout at me for camping! :(



duck you do know its only a game right ----- lol! :lol::lol::D



i shot a uzi in south africa ------ crazy rate of fire and you cant aim the dam thing on full auto! B)

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Oh goody -- I can bother some1 with my opinions


Well I change it up between SA80, OICW and Socom


SA80 first

Advantages -

1-quick reticule - good running gun

2-equally accurate standing

3-high rate of fire and fairly accurate in full auto for straffing around corners


here is the thing with the SA80

If your gonna take an SA80 then learn how to use your nades. On some maps 5 nades can be used like sensors if you can hit certain spots before moving through high risk areas. For me the beauty of nades is you can cover your back and use them as misdirection when your one of the last players left.


Favorite SA80 maps

Night Castle



Beach Resort





OICW sensors


1- ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM great 5X zoom

2- most accurate gun in GR from prone/laying down position(even better than some of the sniper rifles)

3- sensors


The secret about this gun is to not let the slow reticule beat you. If you get caught in the open when you see an enemy hit the deck. You'll be set up prone before the reticule closes and the gun is much more accurate laying down. The best way to use this gun is get cover let the reticule close and then peek or pop-up --These actions don't affect the reticule


Favorite OICW sensors maps


Day Farm





Red Square





1- BOOM 12 GL's

2- 3X Zoom is still pretty good


As far as firing the gun it is the same as the OICW with sensors. Use the GL to devistate corners and hold off enemies. Also you can rattle their reticule with a boom and straff around corners. There is no substitute on Urban maps for this gun due to the awesome power of the 12 GL's.


Favorite OICW and GL maps


Polling Center





1- shhhhhhhh the silenced feature is the main advantage

2- 3X zoom not bad


I only use this gun on maps where it is important not to be heard. You can move in close to opponents (especially on maps with thick folliage) and take them out without giving away your position. I usually use sensors with it but if you have team members close by with sensors then grenades are also good. *If your in a match you might want to take an OICW because this gun has crummy knock-down power. I usually take it in fun respawn games but it can work well if you can make head-shots. If you see an enemy at a full run go for the leg shot to slow him/her down then finish them off.


Favorite Socom maps




SAF_SensorGod said,

Like Bulldog a lot of the times I feel I'm expected to bring the sensors which I don't mind


lol- na Kaiser we just need to talk more before each game so we have a balance of sensors and explosives. The thing is if you take nades out of somebody elses hands then you need to make kills with them when he/she picks up enemy on his/her sensors. When you want to take nades just say so and one of us (Cams for example) can take sensors.

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one of us (Cams for example) can take sensors


cams with sensors and no nades ---- i dont think so lol!!! jk :lol:


wow psy you should right a section for the web site! for the cadets to look at!


(or me to look at dont tell any one but i thought the zoom on the oicw was the same with sensors or nades shhhh!) :blink::wacko:

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