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The Unknown Ghosts

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Recently a friend of mine had a computer problem and asked for my help when i got on her system it became apparent very quickly that she had the Blaster Worm, so i removed it and d/l the patch etc etc, but now when ever you turn the PC on you get this error message -


"Error loading C:WINDOWSSystem32cd_clint.dll".



Any ideas how to solve this error.


By the way the sharing of information on the SAF server on this subject, was invaluble in my solving her worm problems thanks to all that posted on the Computers thread on the Blaster Subject.

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I did a little research at yahoo, and it would appear CD_CLINT.DLL is a libarary used by Cydoor-sponsored applications. (i.e Kazza , imesh etc)


The reason this error occurs is through an unsuccessful uninstall of one of these programs or through the use of AdAware if its still installed.


This may explain the W32/Blaster-A infection.





Follow this link for more info about CD_CLINT.DLL





I have included a Kazaa Uninstaller and a copy of the missing file


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