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BF2 Server Issues

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Basically the latest BF2 1.01 patch has been pulled by EA because of a huge memory leak in the dedicated server.


Our server is running 1.01 & I am rebooting everyday to fix it. I dont see any point in following EA's advice for ALL clients to re-install BF2 & run the old v1.0 server. Just too much work.


So I'm gonna leave our server patched at 1.01.


They should have a hot fix out very soon, it's been tested by a number of GSP's and seems to be working.


We should know more soon....


Community Update - 7/8/05


HOTFIX for Battlefield 2 v1.01 Coming Soon

First off, a HUGE thanks to all of you who emailed me in regards to the memory leak found in the update we released earlier this week (v1.01). Your emails found their way to our production team and they?re in the process of evaluating what needs to be done in order to get this fixed. In the meantime, and since the 1.01 update is causing memory leakage on some systems, we recommend that you reinstall the game and NOT the v1.01 update we released earlier this week.


Reinstalling Battlefield 2 will not affect your in-game medals or ranked server statistics. EA and DICE are committed to getting a fix for v1.01 as soon as we possibly can and will continue to keep you informed through this web space in the coming days.


NOTE: If you installed and are running the newer server files (Win and Linux versions) we made available earlier this week, please revert those as well. We found that those files had the same issues with memory leaks as did the v1.01 update. You can download the older versions here.



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Rather than start a new topic/thread I thought I would post here, as it is, after all, a server 'issue'.


I note that you guys have no basic 'rules' posted at the server log-in window as some others do and I was wondering if you were looking to post some at any time in the future? If so I would like to be so bold as to forward some for your consideration:


I get a little peeved with people 'nading' the spawn point with Artillery; this seems only to benefit the 'nader' with freebee kills to stat-pad, thus:

(1) No Artillery fire on uncapturable bases.


Campers on uncapturable bases are twats with no goal but to pump up their stats, but as Special forces have the capability to destroy capital items for reward they should be exempt, thus:

(2) Only Special Forces allowed within uncapturable bases.


Sometimes it is inevitable that you will accidentally get run over or be shot during a hectic firefight at a 'flag' by a member of your own team in the confusion to protect your assets. Spontaneously punishing TKers should be avoided, thus:

(3) Consider the TK before you punish, was it actually meant?


Taking a tank or APC to the airfield just to get into a plane/helo first is really a stinker, thus:

(4) No taking 'Taxis' to the Airfield.


Oh and I think we should have some 'admin' details advertised so we know who to whine to when the server fills up with absolute tossers...


Thanks for listening... :blush:

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