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The Unknown Ghosts

All! .TuG. members and recruits please post here


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hi all


i just need to keep track of who is actively participating in the clan at the moment partly for recruit purposes and partly to help beaver keep the roster and forum privileges up to date.




if you are a full member or a recruit of .TuG. please post below


say what ever you want like hello or GR rulz i dont care ;)


oh... and only post once!

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How many people do yer see on the BF2 server lol :D I've been on the Teamspeak lately.not saw many BF2 people ON :wacko: For a old game people still play G R ;) G R ****ROCKS**** Hopefully we will see G R 3 soon,and i bet a least 90% of the clan will be playing it,If it is anything like the origanal B) .The Unknown Ghost Recon. :P

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