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Jokes About Highlanders


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Jokes About Highlanders


Wee Eck had been having a few (well, more than a few) jars in the Eglinton Arms when he leant over to two other customers and said "Dae ye want to hear a funny joke about Highlanders?" The man glowered and, pulling back his shoulders, replied, "Before you tell such a joke, I have to tell you that I'm six feet six inches tall, weigh 15 stones, win prizes at Highland Games in the "heavy" events and I'm proud to be a Highlander. And my friend here is bigger and heavier than me, trains as a wrestler and is also from the Highlands. Now, do you still want to tell me that joke?" Wee Eck shakes his head. "Och no, not if I have to explain it twice...."

Wee Eck is now recovering well in Glasgow Royal Infirmary



Missie :D

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