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.TuG. CSS Server Updates

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Just a quick post to update you all on the changes happening on our Amsterdam & New York Counter-Strike:Source Servers.


After much debate & discussion, we have decided to use a map rotation & max rounds on our server. Normally, we only play dust2 - but are now starting to get a little bored with it. :D


So, to spice things up a little, we decided to implement the following:


1. Max Rounds 30 (round times are still @ 1.45)


2. Map Cycle - dust, dust2, dust3, dust_pcg, de_aztec, de_train, de_losttemple, cs_assault, cs_office


3. Random map cycle


All custom maps can be downloaded from these forum in the sticky thread on this section.


If you have any problems, then please let us know.


Thanks & Enjoy!

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Originally posted by .TuG.AK@Aug 10 2005, 09:02 AM

Ok suppose we have to keep every1 happy...


One more thing, sorry... the AWP has been enabled again I disable when I'm on but it dosen't disable it permently. can you look at it please beav.

When a map changes or the server restarts - the cfg's are re-read & it becomes available again.


Is the AWP really that bad?


I can fix it back to how it was before so only the scout is available.

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Originally posted by .TuG.Beaver@Aug 10 2005, 12:54 PM

I stuck up a quick Poll on it in this thread, lets see where it goes. :)


I'll bow to the majority. lol

Although I did think that the AWP should be allowed at first, because it would be better practice, it's simply a lot less fun with AWP + Autosnipe turned on...

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