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The Unknown Ghosts

TuGs please read this


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Team speak is quite a loanly place at the moment!


i have been on during the day and late evenings alot recently and only see a few die hard members on there,


TS is the hub of our clan and if we arn't talking and having a laugh socialy then we are not realy a team more like a few people who happen to be on the same server!


please make the effort to join TS when ever possible even if your not playing just for a chat!


also any recruits need to be on there as much as poss to get there full membership, remember if you happen to find me online and have a few games with me on TS then there is a good chance of me makeing you a full member there and then ^_^


any comments?


thanks :)


just trying to help our friendships grow :wub:

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Last time I joined our TS server was when I went on CSS and Madrik, Del and a few others were playing, they said to join, I joined and said hi and that was it, nobody spoke to me all night, I was listening to 3 or 4 guys chatting dutch all night....


Only bother going on now if AK is online or clan matches.... Seems a waste half the time

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