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The Unknown Ghosts

Those lovely TUG downloads


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Hey Beaver,


I know your busy and all but at least change the date on this message...


Sorry - but the downloads are temporarily un-available.


They will return soon, once Beaver get's the database finished.


Please try - www.ghostrecon.net or www.theplatoon.com


Beaver [22.03.2003]"QUOTE


Actually I was wondering where to get the right grids and the name ....

and that map mod for planning so you can run around----Thx Psy

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OK Psyc - me bad - but it's Ducks fault for not updating the SQL on the server yet - until he does it, then I cant put up our new website with all the lovely downloads.


As for the other -


Here's a link to a sticky in the Allies Forum with the Grids we are all currently using.




and I'll post a link for the VisitTheMaps mod shortly. :)

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