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The Unknown Ghosts

PSP - I have one, do you?

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Bought myself a PSP while up in scotland.


Also bought - Need For Speed Underground & a 512MB Memory Stick.


Managed to convert a DVD & upload it onto the stick, sat & watched Ricky Gervais Live 2 - Politics on the plane home & laughed my socks off.


I didnt buy it for the games, but for the other multimedia stuff it can do, mainly video playback.


Anyone else purchased one yet?

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Im waiting until i can order one online (www.modchipman.com) because i need version 1.5 firmware. I need this to run homebrew applications and play downloaded umd ISOs. In other words ? CAN PLAY GAMES FOR FREE AND ALSO GAMEBOY AND SNES AND SEGA MEGADRIVE !!! :P something you would might be interested in beaver.. Oh yeah, I would reccomend coded arms, fps that i think is fun to play.

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