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:) I've just re-installed this game again - why? because it's fun, you get to drive Tanks and shoot people and (again) because it's fun.


BF2 and CS:S have got to be so up-their-own-ass competitive I have uninstalled them from my machine and resigned them to the shelf in the spare room where I keep my other "maybe in a month or two" games..


I'm back to CoD:UO and back to actually having fun B)


See you in Hell Fritz!!!

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Thank you very much.


I would hope to be able to 'Radmin' the Server to configure Map Rotation(s) etc. Our previous set-up was excellent - with multi-colours and 'advert' scripts detailing our website etc it was always a busy server - even for one so far away (USA); having one in Europe would achieve superb ping rates and attract higher numbers...


I look forward to it - pity I only have the weekends nowadays :(

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