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America's Army: Special Forces (Direct Action)

Release Notes (Version 2.5.0)


What's new


New Multiplayer Missions



Included in this version of America's Army are two new Special Forces multiplayer missions. One of these new missions contains both the Special Forces playable Soldier class, as well as the Indigenous Forces playable class. The other new mission is 'SF Exclusive' containing only the Special Forces playable Soldier class.


- SF Extraction:

(SF & IF)


A daytime urban mission where both teams must race to retrieve a briefcase containing sensitive information about terrorist operatives. Each team must locate and secure this one briefcase and then carry it to their extraction point successfully. The team that successfully extracts with the briefcase in hand wins! This mission's spawn points, and extraction points (1 per team) - are all randomly selected each round.


- SF Dockside:

(SF Exclusive)


A small tournament map which takes place during a stormy night in a run down harbor setting. Both teams must locate and secure two cargo containers containing biological agents. The first team to secure and hold both containers wins! This mission's spawn points and container locations are randomly selected each round. This mission also features breachable doors, and usable automatic doors.


NOTE (SF Dockside): This mission was designed to hold only 18 players (9 per team). Server hosts - please set the 'max players' to 18 when running SF Dockside.


New Training Mission



- Shoot House (MOUT Training)


The Shoot House (MOUT Training) training mission has been added to America's Army. Shoot House replaces the existing MOUT Training in Basic Combat Training.


Shoot House is designed to provide players with a dynamic and replayable training experience. Players will enter a building, consisting of up to 10 rooms, where pop-up targets have been randomly arranged. Players will choose a weapon and enter the Shoot House building, each room will present the player with various friendly and enemy targets. Players will have to make repeated split-second decisions whether or not to engage the targets - shooting friendly targets earns penalties. This training will be timed and scored for each weapon, results will be recorded in our database and sent to a Web site where players can compare their scores with others. (coming soon)


Tournament Mode Enhancements



We've applied significant effort to our Tournament Mode based on feedback provided by our Beta Testers and members of the Competitive Community.


Here are just a few of the enhancements we're deploying in Direct Action:


- TWL Support in AASM

- CAL/CPL enhancements

- Improved UI functionality

- Ability to start TM without hosting company help

- Support for additional mission planning

- Fixed ghosting bug (which appeared in 2.4)

- Simplified user options

- Tournament Results sent directly to our database

(soon to be available through our Website and possibly even RSS or XML feeds)


Our goal is to continue improving America's Army Tournament Mode to meet and exceed the expectations of the competitive gaming community at-large, while also making the setup and administration easy, whether you're creating a local LAN event with a few friends or conducting a regional competition in TWL.


Please see the updated 'Tournament Mode Guide' available through the START menu (file located in the game's HELP directory).


Enhanced Map Rotation



We're very excited to roll out Map Rotation on all America's Army servers. This will allow Server Admins (SA) to construct themed rotations with any of the existing (and upcoming) America's Army multiplayer maps. Leased servers will be able to define their own particular map rotations, and can change them at any time.


On our 250 Official Servers we'll have a balance of themed rotations and static maps. In other words, some of our Official Servers will continue to host a single map while others will serve multiple maps by theme (SF Only, Desert Operations, Urban Conflict, Winter Survival, etc.) We're anticipating 10 different themes upon release!


New Admin Command Post



The new "Command Post" is intended to provide a simple to use and easy to understand interface to the most common administrative functions provided by the America's Army game server. In other words, Server Administrators can run and manage their servers entirely through an easy-to-use GUI.


- Mission Selection via GUI

- Player Management

- Ban List Management

- Change server to Tournament Mode and back again from within GUI without editing INI


Server Admins can start and stop maps, change maps on-the-fly, move players to other teams - complete control via GUI. Hit the F12 key when logged into a game server as an admin to access the new Admin Command Post.


Please see the new 'Admin Command Post Guide' available through the START menu (file located in the game's HELP directory).


Gameplay Enhancements



- Adjusted Recoil:

When firing in full auto the recoil gradually increases to a higher amount then levels out. This more realistically portrays the controllability of automatic fire and promotes shooting in bursts or single-fire.


- Damage Hindrance System:

Physical reactions to damage have been enhanced. When hit by bullets players will camera shift to display pain and also to promote taking aim to make the first shot count. Other effects are also included such as view shifts when receiving falling damage.


- Grenade Enhancements:

Grenade kill damage has been dropped to a more realistic 5 meters (from 10) with fragment damage causing a gun down stun effect allowing room clearing assaults to still be successful.


- CEM Adjustments:

The CEM has been weighted to cause very large increases whenever sight mode is initiated. This added realism will promote the concept that a player needs their sights up if they want to shoot accurately. In addition to this, transparency has been added to the 2D sights for more realism and to make them easier to use. CEM bonuses due to proximity to other teammates have been adjusted as follows: highest bonus given when in close proximity to the Squad Leader, next highest bonus given when in close proximity to your Fireteam Leader, and a small bonus now given when in close proximity to any teammate (promoting teamwork).


- Added Horizontal Hand Tremor:

Previously only up and down breathing aim wander was noticeable on most weapons. Now more left and right wander has been added to more effectively portray arm tremor when weapon sights are up.


- Bunny Hopping Deterrents:

A player can no longer reload while in mid jump or jump while a reload is occurring. In addition the jump key is limited with a stall time between each jump. These two additions should deter most bunny hopping outright, however once a player becomes accustomed to the changes they can go anywhere they originally could in a speedy manner.


New Game Commands



- Added in a new command 'AdminChangePassword' to allow changing the admin password via console.

- Added in help for admins for various admin commands.

New console Help commands are:

Help - Shows general admin commands.

PBHelp - Shows general PB help.

PBBanHelp - Shows PB Ban commands.

PBBadNameHelp - Shows PB Bad Name commands.

PBCvarHelp - Shows CVAR related PB Commands.

PBWebsiteHelp - Shows Even Balance site in web browser.

- Added new command 'SummonNPCSoldier' which will summon a single NPC soldier pawn directly in front of your view (for offline use only).


New Honor Licensing Program



Play the game with the elite of the elite and make your score count. If you are a game service provider or just simply want to run your own America's Army Honor gaining server, then you need to head over to AAHONOR.COM and setup your Honor License!


Whether you want to license Honor for your existing game server or lease an Honor server from server providers with locations all over the world - AAHONOR.COM is the solution to your America's Army Honor server needs.


NOTE: When licensing Honor on your AA game server, you will be provided with a unique username and password which will have to be included in your Honor server's configuration file (server.ini) located in the 'America's Army/System' folder. The sections you will need to edit are seen below:




(Enter IP address to send to auth server to validate

authorized mode)






(Make sure to uncomment these 2 lines by removing the proceeding ';' and replacing the 'xxxxxxxx' with the account information provided to you by either Pragmatic Solutions or one of the official Honor server providers whom you are leasing your server from.)


To provide these credentials using the AASM, use the Options pull-down menu, choose Preferences, then the Honor Server tab. Fill in the appropriate fields.


This Auth username and password is required in order for the Authentication Server to activate Honor gaining mode on your Honor server. However, some server providers may take care of this for you, consult with your Honor server provider for more details.


Key Bind Rules Change



Key binds for certain commands are now limited to that single command only. The following commands, in order of priority, may not be combined with other actions and any other action will be ignored:


1. Crouching

2. Crawling

3. reload*

4. swaphands

5. jump


* The "reload" command may be combined with the "reportin" command but the command will automatically be modified to "reload / teamsay "Reloading, Cover Me!!" / reportin".


What's Changed


- A new AASM version is included with the patch. You must manually install this new version after you have successfully patched the game. This can be done by double clicking the 'AASM 1-2 Setup.exe' located in the 'America's Army\System' directory. See AASM notes below for help installing and uninstalling.

- HUD STAT messages (stat net & stat fps) are scaled larger for better visibility.

- Improvements and fixes to scoring. Score values are shown to user in console. Adjusts the display of the scoreboard to show the warning messages properly to the user first for not enough players.

- Adjusted several audio internal settings for enhanced game sound (explosions, footsteps, occlusion, etc.)

- Player Admins no longer need to be case sensitive for the player's name.

- Weapons in 'Auto' fire mode now fire an initial burst of 3 shots when clicked once.

- Adjusted game handling of multiple key binds to disable skipping animation exploits.

- Added new static image version of the Personnel Jacket Weapon Mods menu.

- Changed the CSAY color in TM to an "orange-ish" color.

- Added new "Discard Round" functionality in Tournament Mode.

- Integration of a new Authentication SDK, this updates the game's Auth System with enhanced security features and provides the infrastructure groundwork for future game features.

- Admin joining TM server now notifies all players with large message box.

- Death now results in a fade-out before spectating.

- Re-enabled ability to show or hide objective text on HUD.

- Changed default key for 'Zoom' to be RightMouse Button.

- Door Breacher collision radius adjustments.

- UI now scales based on the maximum player count for the current team.

- Several PunkBuster integration enhancements (better cheat detection).

- There is now a 3 second delay prior to displaying the scoreboard in TM allowing tournament admin/status messages prior to showing the scoreboard.

- Addressed requirement of TWL/CAL/CPL to have mission planning round immediately after pauses and side-swapping in Tournament Mode.

- Rolloff default now set to 1.0. This value may no longer be changed and is locked at 1.0 (which is what the gameplay was designed for).

- Door breacher now disappears when door is opened while door breacher is on it. Additionally, the door becomes unlocked for both teams, and the door is no longer breachable.

- Weapon class selection buttons now grey out until it's your turn to select a weapon class.

- Regular players now allowed to be player admins on leased official servers (but not on regular official).

- Adjusted spectator button to only work when player has initially joined the server and not selected a team.

- Changed the Engine CacheSizeMegs to default to 64 instead of 32.

- Disabled the less than 30 second no scoring rule (most prevalent in SF Hospital - VIP).

- Added default Weapon Mod sets.

- Scoreboard now always shows for spectators regardless of server scoreboard rules.

- Server Browser functionality improved. Specifically unchecking all filter boxes will show all of the game servers available. You can then check specific options to hide or show only servers you are interested in.

- Made CommVolume update when changed, instead of every 0.5 seconds.

- Switching teams for the first time in a normal game (and in TM) no longer closes the menu. It should automatically open up the weapon select roster.

- Could run straight through US Weapons training. Now you have to visit each station (and hear the instructions) before being allowed to exit via the steps.

- Added in some feedback to the user when executing the pb_sv_disable command to turn off PB telling them they will need to restart the server to have it take effect.

- Server admin password no longer appears in command post as a security measure to protect your server.

- Added new console command "DisplayScore" to show player's the current score as it will be applied to their personnel jacket.

- Added in a new command AdminChangePassword to allow changing the admin password via console.

- Added in help for admins for various admin commands.

New console Help commands are:

Help - Shows general admin commands.

PBHelp - Shows general PB help.

PBBanHelp - Shows PB Ban commands.

PBBadNameHelp - Shows PB Bad Name commands.

PBCvarHelp - Shows CVAR related PB Commands.

PBWebsiteHelp - Shows Even Balance site in web browser.

- Most admin commands now show "Usage: xxxx" if the command isn't typed correctly.

- Now warns user if they haven't logged in once after installing the game and trying to join a server or running a training mission.


What's Fixed


- Fixed multiple client and server crashes.

- Fixed random objectives sometimes not appearing in right locations.

- Fixed grenade/RPG/flash damage killing NPCs through walls (SF CSAR & SF Courtyard).

- Fixed ability to have the Acog and Reflex scopes at the same time.

- Fixed grenade sounds getting cut off sometimes.

- Stryker zoom fixed - now works properly including resetting view on exit and the zero range command.

- Fixed 203 Reload failing if retried over and over until weapon thrown down and picked up again.

- Fixed reload weapon bug which stopped firing after reload.

- Training states now remain when switching between accounts.

- Users no longer need to re-login after playing on server to join new server.

- Fixed retries which never seem to end on auth comm error.

- Improved messages relating to users failing to authorize both when joining a server and loading their Personnel Jacket.

- Fixed training related auth messages with invalid username/password.

- Removed 'Stat Anim' exploit.

- Fixed smoke from smoke grenade sometimes not appearing. (Pipeline primary valve smoke bug)

- UI now loads teams and team leader values correctly on tournament roster refresh.

- Fixed 'Set Squad Objective' showing up on both team's HUD.

- "No Pawn" display in Medic Call fixed.

- Fixed text-to-speech sound volume slider.

- Fixed exploit using the BDM/Door Breacher to destroy the walls gaining points in an empty server.

- Fixed the 16-bit mode exploit (seeing through walls).

- Fixed ghosting around map in spectator exploit.

- Fixed sprint while shooting exploit.

- Rolloff exploit - setting in ini file disabled.

- Fixed exploit to fire 2 203 rounds at once.

- Remove preferences menu (possible exploit).

- Fixed exploit to jump away from objectives while still taking them.

- Fixed exploit to run at the start of the round (sprint exploit).

- Removed 'devmode' completely. Note that this will disable some single player commands such as 'show fog'.

- Fixed the 255 M203 rounds exploit.

- Fixed the "don't always show scoreboard" functionality.

- Fix for FlashBang stopping bleeding. Bleeding amount is now only set if it is higher then the previous bleeding amount, thus not overwriting the old.

- Fixed crouch/uncrouch while swapping weapon skips weapon down animation exploit.

- Fixed alignment of the Medic icon in the Scoreboard, along with it only being visible for members of the same team.

- Fixed grenades being thrown in between rounds and detonating at the start of the next round.

- Fixed ESC->F2 tournament-mode superadmin class-assignment bug, where the game was apparently pausing when ESC was pressed.

- Fixed multiple Spectate bugs.

- Fixed the ban/banlist/unban functionality and alerts the user when they are kickbanned by an admin. It also alerts a user as to how long the ban will last when they try to rejoin a server they are banned from.

- Fixed admin spectate player commands.

- Fixed admin pb enable/disable command.

- Fixed missing Medic call bug.

- Fixed spectate button functionality in server browser.

- Added server message to alert admins that they have joined as an admin.

- Superadmin is no longer listed in "Spectators" section in non-tournament play.

- Game now correctly announces when a playeradmin forceclasses himself to a new class. It does not broadcast when a playeradmin or admin changes another player to a new class.

- Fixed admin command post console command breaking console.

- Fixed admin switching maps breaking authorizing.

- Setting MaxAdmins to zero now blocks all admin access. The default MaxAdmin setting is 1.

- Fix for the wrongly colored icon's in the pop-up icon keys (on server browser and scoreboard).

- Alphabetized Mission Deployment missions.

- Moved mission deployment to be the default tab in Deployment.

- Fixed admin spectate issues (admin was unable to use any view mode they wanted to) and admin not being able to change spectating view until the next round starts.

- Fixed multiple UI issues and added several cosmetic changes.

- Icons on weapon select screen now sized appropriately.

- Fixed minor corruption of font used in pop up messages.

- Fixed icons appearing under name in awaiting selection field.

- Disabled climbing on ladder with weapon zoomed exploit.

- Disabled picking up a weapon when you are on a ladder.

- Added UI notification when player is banned or kick banned.

- Fixed server browser filters not saving on game exit.

- Added several enhancements to the server browser filters.

- Text to speech in game now functional.

- Fixed gamma bar in settings page.

- Fixed mouse cursor changing size when you roll over certain UI elements.

- Fixed class icon ToolTip icons in weapon selection roster. (SF now shows correct icon set).

- Fixed Admin 'restart map' functionality.

- Weapon Select Screen should now automatically pop up at match end.

- Deploy button from missions screen now functional. It correctly displays a list of available servers hosting the selected mission.

- Fixed the 'copy to clipboard' of the IP address in the server browser when you right click on the server.

- Fixed auto sign-in attempt occurring after exiting a server.

- Added pop-up messages for 'server at capacity' and 'incorrect password'.

- Option for left and right rails removed from UI.

- Fixed text getting truncated on UI pages.

- Fixed VSS slot displaying wrong icon (SVD).

- Fixed typo in objective taken message (SF PCR)

- Player's own ping now properly reported.

- Player's name now being uniquely identified (yellow color) on F1 & F2 screens.

- Medic class select box now remains selected.

- Fixed odd symbols in PB messages in high resolutions - the piping symbol.

- Fixed unnamed CommVolumes when on ladders.

- Fixed false 'user not logged in' or 'insufficient training to join server' messages.

- Adjusted colors in the UI and in-game roster pages.

- Fixed icon placement and default column width for TM and non-TM roster pages.

- Fixed medic class checkbox functionality in TM and non-TM screens.

- Fixed 'skipping reload animation' exploit.

- Fixed TM admin having no control over assigning weapon class slots.

- Fixed players appearing twice in the awaiting selection field in tournament mode.

- Fixed admin being placed in waiting selection field.

- Team Captains now able to place players in weapon class roles.

- Fixed Admin dropdown not functional until screen redrawn (refresh bug).

- Fixed message beep checkbox functionality.

- Fixed joining one team then switching still shows you on the first team's roster in TM.

- Fixed TM "Restart" and "Start" functionality.

- Fixed non-admin/team captains able to unassign other players/themselves, when locked or unlocked.

- Tournament mode roster screen now properly displays the UI buttons (Select, Swap, Requesting, Remove, etc...).

- Fixed TM bug where players appear multiple times in the unassigned frame when unassigned.

- Fixed E&E objectives resetting properly.

- Fixed Remote Cameras looked at while zoomed bug.

- Fixed no third-person reload animation caused by access none.

- Fixed multiple level bugs (too many to list) - both on the new maps and many older maps.

- Fixed not being able to use single player mode after having been in a server.

- Fixed scale glow on deco meshes.

- Corrected the Bridge map weapon loadouts - Assault and Defense both have the same number of M203 rounds.

- Fixed audio settings stopping smoke/flashbang sounds prematurely.

- Fixed player location not being included in medic call.

- Fixed player unable to run, reload or drop if use key held at end of round.

- Fixed several cases of Accessed None causing lag and possible server crashes (using "Shout" commands).

- Fixed pistol/RPG/AT4 not firing in weapon down state.

- Fixed player not spawning in single player when 'open' used while connected to server.

- Fixed bug where POV shoots to sky.

- Fixed 360 degree death view rotation ability.

- Removed the summons command per Even Balance's request - instead added a new console command of "SummonNPCSoldier" (offline only).

- Fix for rare occurrences of player spawning into game in 3rd person view.

- Per Even Balance's request removed support for the command line to EXEC text files. Users can still use the console to EXEC files but those will be properly examined by PunkBuster to verify their status.

- Many other various fixes and security enhancements.


America's Army Server Manager (AASM):

Installation and Uninstallation Notes


To install AASM you must manually install this new version after you have successfully patched the game. This can be done by double clicking the 'AASM 1-2 Setup.exe' located in the 'America's Army\System' directory.


To remove previous installations (or if the install fails and is unable to automatically remove the previous version) do the following:


1. Download and install from Microsoft the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. You can retrieve it from Microsoft on this webpage: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid?;en-us;290301


2. Delete the contents of the AASM folder (unless you are planning on installing the new AASM 1.2 version provided with 2.5.0, in which case simply skip this step).


3. Run the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility and select the "America's Army Server Manager 1.0" (or 1.1 depending on which version you have installed) from the list. The utility will remove it from your Add/Remove programs list.


For help using AASM please see the provided manual or press F1 to get help for specific portions of the program.

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