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1st FEAR Patch out

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The 1st patch for FEAR is now out and available for download.


Patch Details:

This is the first retail patch released for F.E.A.R. updating the intense First-Person Shooter to v1.01 from v1.00. Read below for all the specifics on what it fixes.




Fixed a problem where players could fall under the map after pressing ESC while climbing a ladder.

Fixed a bug where water FX would play where there was no water in the "Heavy Resistance" level.




Fixed the Game Type filter on the server browser screen.

Fixed broken ladder animations.

Spectator "Fly" mode now works as intended.

SlowMo Score Time is now reported through the in-game server browser for SlowMo CTF games.

Fixed a problem where players would sometimes spawn into Team Elimination games as a neutral player.

Team Eliminmation servers will no longer advance to the next round if you are the first to join and then switch teams.

Dead players will no longer win the round in Elimination game types if they have the highest score when time runs out.

The score tally on the HUD now works properly in all Elimination game types.

Remote clients can no longer log into SCMD on hosted games as original intended. SCMD still works as before on dedicated servers.

The weapon of the player you are watching will no longer appear on the screen when using the "Follow" spectator mode.

Fixed problem with grenades getting stuck on or bouncing off of breakable windows in certain levels.

Further optimized performance and fixed minor lighting and art bugs in the Streets CTF level.


Download: http://www.fileplanet.com/157844/150000/fi...h-v1.00---v1.01

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