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The Unknown Ghosts

I have it & it rocks!

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I've only played upto level 02 at the moment, but this game is making me - laugh & shit my pants all at the same time! :D


I havent had so much fun in SP for a while.


One minute I'm walking through a level & a dead body falls off a ledge above me onto the floor making me poo myself & fire a whole clip into it from my machine gun, then 30 seconds later I'm throwing a frag into a room full of enemy & they shout "Oh Shit" as the frag lands between them. :D


I definately recommend this game to anyone who likes a good SP romp. You'll be amazed at the AI & how they react to the environment and what you do.


As for MP - I already love that from playing the mp beta & the mp demo. I'll certainly be putting up a FEAR server on 1 of our boxes shortly.


Rating: 11 out of 10!

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