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Guest Mortarion

Lol i always considered oriental military thinking far inferior to european.

And it is.

sitting in a cave meditating and emptying yr mind does not make you a warrior.




On warfare study xenophon or clausewitz if you can grasp his ideas.

He is wrong on some points, i agree on that with keegan.

but the oriental military tradition has never spawned anything worthwhile

look at the meiji restoration for instance the samurai have always prevented any

progress in the military field to preserve the status quo and stay in power.

And the same aplies in china.

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Guest Mortarion

Luck or being squeamish every time imo.


In open battle they got crushed every time since 1942.

As for making yr troops fearles that is far from desirable.

Holding back and thinking is somewhat more valuable.

Now fanatisicm is better and that can be readily achieved.

My grandfathers have instiiled some of theirs in me and the rest of

their offspring after all.

so it will even work through generations.


Besides since japan came over "the military horizon"

They have exclusivly engaged in western style combat.

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Oriental military ideas have been around far longer than western ideas, western way is get lots of guns and men, throw them at the enemy and hopefully you'll overpower the enemy...


There is an art in war, but alas the west just goes in to crush the opposition, which does not always work...

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Aaaah, a subject I can add too:


The subject here is the art of warfare, not the art of the warrior.


Technology wins wars, when the warriors are equal.


Warriors win battles, when the technology is equal.


We can only teach warrior skills and then employ technology to ensure victory.

A lacking of either one will cause a dependancy of the other, which is where most wars are lost.


I personaly am an advocate of oriental martial arts, as opposed to the art of warfare (the art of the warrrior, not the technology!). Obviously, I support the European school of warfare, but must confess that I have a slight bias towards the Southern African interpretation thereof, for some reason.....! ninja.gif


... and some reading on the way of the warrior....




Yamabushi Ryu translates as the of the mountain warrior school of martial arts. It is a system of combat that encompasses three warrior traditions.

* The arts of the Shadow warrior - Ninjutsu

* The arts of the Peasant warrior ? Jiu Jutsu

* The arts of the Samurai warrior ? Aiki Jiu Jutsu

The many different methods of the school may be grouped under six main headings:


Go Waza

Hard techniques: Striking, kicking, constricting, and gouging. That is the arts of koppo and koshi jutsu, karate jutsu, atemi jutsu and shime Te and shime waza.

Ju Waza

Soft techniques: This includes the principles of compliance and harmony and manifests itself in the Aiki jutsu, Jiu Tai jutsu and Jiu jutsu of the school.

Bu Gei Ju Happan

The weapon arts: Bo Jutsu, the arts of the staff, which include Hanbo (3ft stave) Tanbo (1ft stave) Jo (4ft stave). Biken Jutsu, the arts of the blade, which includes Iai (drawing the sword) ken (the use of the sword) Tanto (knife). Kusari Jutsu, the arts of blade and chain, and So Jutsu the art of the spear'

Gunryaku Hei ho Jutsu

The arts of the field: This includes silent movement, climbing, the use of ropes, shelter building and techniques, which use the land for help, sustenance and nourishment. That is the arts of Inton, Gotonpo, and Tenchijin Jutsu.

Healing arts: Shiatsu, kappo, kuatsu, ninyaku jutsu,

This includes basic first aid, bone manipulation, herbalism, massage, resuscitation and revival

Seishinteki kyokyo

Personal or spiritual development: 'This includes the study of philosophy, and theology in relation to the warrior path or the do of the martial arts. It may also include the study of modern skills of psychology e.g. NLP, creative visualization and relaxation methods and self development

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Guest Mortarion

Well bond crushing the enemy works just fine imo.

Trying to do it "artfuly"only exposes you to more risk.

The pursuit of total war has always ensured us victory.

When victory is not achieved i can asure you that it is almost

always from holding back or being afraid of suffering or inflicting causualties.



Technology wins wars, when the warriors are equal.

Warriors win battles, when the technology is equal.


no 1

Now that has been proven to be wrong from the stoneage to present day.



no 2


The factors involved encompass far more than technology or the spirit of the warrior.

Take for example WWII Germany arguably the most advanced in technology combined

with a highly motivated and trained army, their tactics and organisation form the basis

of many of todays army's.

And still they got pulverised.

See the point im trying to make ?

On a lighter note

Wich historic general are you take the test ;)

I got king edward I (longshanks)


You scored higher than 96% on Unorthodox


You scored higher than 40% on Tactics


You scored higher than 71% on Guts


You scored higher than 86% on Ruthlessness




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lol i got this fella


Ulysses S. Grant

You scored 77 Wisdom, 46 Tactics, 63 Guts, and 54 Ruthlessness!

Like you, Grant went about the distasteful business of war realistically and grimly. His courage as a commander of forces and his powers of organization and administration made him the outstanding Northern general. Grant, though, had no problem throwing away lives on huge seiges of heavily defended positions. At times, Union casualties under Grant were over double that of the Confederacy. However, Grant was notably wise in supporting good commanders, especially Sheridan , William T. Sherman , and George H. Thomas. Made a full general in 1866, he was the first U.S. citizen to hold that rank.





My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:


You scored higher than 95% on Unorthodox


You scored higher than 6% on Tactics


You scored higher than 80% on Guts


You scored higher than 75% on Ruthlessness

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