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The Unknown Ghosts

Ooo Yeah i have it 2

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As I am looking to play this online with some of my friends here at .TuG. does anyone have a server that they visit/play on ?

Not properly yet. Still playing the SP.


I was going to put up a server on one of the TuG boxes, but I dont fancy uploading 4gigs of data on a 333k upload. :(


I'm gonna see if the trinity guys have it on a fast ftp somewhere for me.

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I playd it all evenening on, but is it really that easy??


I keepd killing them i had 48 - 6 i hope that there will be better players or else .TuG. will be on nr. 1 :D .


Put me on the F.E.A.R list Beav, then your not allone;)


And for Tantalus, add me on msn: sam_brouwers@hotmail.com

soo we can meet somewhere :D





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