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The Unknown Ghosts



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Official Promotions.


As from today, the following members have been promoted.


1. Bulldog - Recruiting Officer


Responsible for all new Cadets, Training, Recruiting, etc.


2. UndyingUK - Tactical Officer


Responsible for Match Planning/Tactics on Teamwarfare Ladder 4v4.


3. Both members are also given TWL Team Captain Status.


Congratulations & thanks for all the hard work you guys have been putting into making our online gaming FUN. :)

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congradulations Bullpoodle and Alwaysdying


well deserved....


By the way UD here are the five stages of evolution when you are TO...


1- :D you start out like this --full of optimism

2- :mellow: Then you look like this after running around on maps for 24 hours straight trying to find that last perfect angle

3- :angry: Then you look like this when no1 shows up for practice and they ignore your plans

4- :wacko: Then things start to get fuzzy and you feel light headed as you try find some way to motivate your team to listen to you

5- :blink: Finally you walk around mumbling things like "I said cover the north gate ...NORTH ...do I need to give u a compass ...NORTH NORTHNORHT!!!! its not rocket science...then you look up and the check out lady at the grocery store is asking you if you want paper or plastic.....HF

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