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BF2 - v1.12 Patch Out

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BF2 v1.12 retail patch is now out and available for download.


The patch is mostly a compatibility update between vanilla BF2 & the Special Forces expansion pack.


Although at 294MB its pretty hefty.



Battlefield 2 Patch v1.12

ReadMe File

November 20th 2005




Patch Information




Patch v1.12






- If you have installed the 1.12 patch to core Battlefield 2 and then installed Battlefield 2: Special Forces, you will need to re-apply the 1.12 patch again to be able to play on 1.12 Servers.




- Fixed a crash when users switch weapons using the mouse wheel while piloting a bomber (SU-34, F-15 and J10) in core BF2 maps.

- Removed the Grappling Hook and the Zip Line from kits from "The Iron Gator" map.

- Fixed single player loading screens to match map selection image.

- Fixed an issue in the menus so that users can click on BF2:SF ribbons to view the descriptions.

- Fixed an issue in the Browser so that BF2:SF servers are now represented with a green "2" icon.

- Global improvement of collision detection on the Grappling Hook and the Zip Line.

- Fixed damage state artillery icon on the 3d map when an artillery is destroyed.





- GeForce FX 5900 family:

GeForce FX 5900 Ultra

GeForce FX 5900

GeForce FX 5900XT

GeForce FX 5950 Ultra

GeForce FX 5900ZT

GeForce PCX 5900

- For these cards, the default video settings have been changed to LOW.







- The GRAPPLING HOOK is part of the Assault and Anti-tank kits. Throw it using the fire or alternate fire buttons. Press "E" to get on and off of the rope. Use the direction keys to climb the rope. The rope will connect to any static object in the world, which means it will not work on terrain or vehicles. Any Assault or Anti-Tank kit can pick up any grappling hook, even those from other teams, as long as you do not already have one in your kit at the time.




- The ZIP LINE is part of the Special Forces and Sniper kits. Use the fire button to shoot the line and use the alternate fire button to check if the target is a viable connection point or not. Once the line is in place, use "E" to get on. You will slide down the line automatically. Any Spec-Ops or Sniper kit can pick up any zip line, even those from the other team, as long as you do not already have one in your kit at the time.

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