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Info about my laptop atm

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k the gfx card is completely.... yeah. and just to make things perfect my ISP has decided to double my internet speed but there's not much I can do on this PC I am using... I checked the UPS tracking system just now and my laptop has arrived in Germany now I am jus twaiting for them to fix it nd send it back. What do you people do without pcs? Other than drink?

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OMFG I tried playing cs:cz and it crashed... Feel my pain, read the specs then feel even more of my pain..




AMD Athlon, MMX, 3d Now, ~1001Mhz

576mb RAM

Direct X 8.1

NVIDIA Geforce4 MX440 128MB

Hard drive 18.6GB :o


K I think I need to upgrade this thing. I mean how much can it cost for a cheap 40GB hard drive, new processor and a better gfx card? Well I found out that for 40GB and an nVidia 5200 128 MB I will have to pay 100EUR and thats without a new processor. I looked at the motherboard and its socket A... That means it cn't even run a sempron processor. I will have to buy another mother board wtf.... any one that will cost less than 70EUR is already the lowest kind of motherboard for a sempron processor and I might as well beef up the whole system... But of course we all know that we can never afford to put everything we like in a pc.. (sniff) shame... Guess I'll just have to wait till my laptop gets back.

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