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lan party Hilversum


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Hey, I just wanted to inform you guys that I will be involved in organising a lan party in Hilversum. Any of you people that want to can come, Dates are not sure but I think that it will be on the 20/2/2005. I doubt that any of you would be bothered to travel that far just to go to a little lan party, but if you happen to be in the area and have a pc in your pocket then drop by..


What I mainly opened this thread for was to ask all of you what should be looked at, what not to forget, tips (esp. networking ones), etc.


Question 1:


I looked up how to have steam in offline mode and found out how that works, but sometimes it tries to connect to the internet and doesnt let steam go in offline mode.. Any ideas how to solve this?


Question 2:


We have acquired 3 X 24 port hubs and 2-4 IBM servers (not sure out servers yet, definitely have at least 2) enough cables, power supplies and stuff. Unfortunately we will not have access to the internet in any wired form. We will only be able to use the schools wireless network. I tried accessing steam with it but the ports for it are blocked. What would you recommend for the network setup? Just 2-4 dedicated servers to the games?


Question 3:


What else?

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Thanks for the input. I was wondering. There's gonna be max 60 ppl and we were thinking about just connectiong them all to a bunch of 24-port hubs, would that be a good idea? So far all the ppl I asked said that all I'd have to do is connect all pcs and servers to the hubs then run dedicated servers on the servers.

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Turns out the switches LuX|Turbografx16 should work fine. Now we just need to reschedule the date because some cheeky guy working in a pc shop decided to organise a 300-man lan party. So.. We can't try compete or we will be butt-raped hardcore style by their amount of players contrasted with our ones... I am prolly gonna go to that lan too cause sounds fun :P Any one else wanna come? Ulrik? The games being played are gonna be something like :


Joint operations

Call Of Duty 2

Command and conquer (think generals not sure)

Some other one


I think I'll be buying CoD2 soon. Anyone else in TuG play it?

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