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The Unknown Ghosts

Resignation - It's time :(


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Sup guys.


Yes it's my time to hand in my Resignation. If anyone things it's about the clan then you wronge, it's just personal reason's. It's just that having a few problems and stuff like that about family..but don't get me wronge but .TuG is a great clan, the best that i have ever been in and always will be the best tho..I had good times and bad times but it worked out in the in because their is always someone to talk to in .TuG. if you get my point:redface:.


Fear: you were a great friend when i use to play ghost recon and you would always tell us the good spots and the bad one ,lol\we, well i had alot of fun now and then..


BunduBasha: Well lets see. if it wasen't for you i would'nt have been in this great clan in the start but you still a great person tho.


G*Force: the time that we played gr gather was cool and fun, sure we had fights now and then we still were friends after that right. so i'll cu l8r k.


Sam and Mad1rk: you guy are great captains, you guys post the what we gonna do in the match. you guys orginased practice day like 3-4 days before the match and yes even tho we almost lost all the matchs the main thing ws that we had fun right..but most of all you guys are great to talk to.


Darki: ey Darki the `DJ` is in da house..hehe, when it was just me and you in TS we had a good time talking about shit like teenages do and we own some people on other server's and on .TuG. but sometimes we got own our selfs by other skilled players or just noobs that are so lucky. It was great.


Mort: lol you were the funny one saying stuf about you and your hamster..but you were great to play with i must admit tho.


OutCold: the skilled playeer of ghost recon, lol you well sometimes got said from flya ops i mean `Fear` that you were cheating but for me that was funny watching you guys go ahead against each other and im glad you back hope you have a good time..


Bulldog: .TuG.'s recruiting guy `The best recruiting guy have ever seen`

we had some good chats now and then about grapics cards and stuff like that but i hardly played any ganes with you so but im sure you are at ownage when you play :P Good Luck.


Beaver:/Benny: if it wasen't for you guys for starting agreat clan none of use would be here but thanks for doing so because you guys did a great job. you guys making things happen such as getting dedicated server's and if their ws something wronge you would try your best to fix it...


And the rest of you are great. even tho i didn't spend alot of time playing CSS or Gr with you's but hell it was fun.


Now i would like to thank the Three B's for letting me into this great clan. i had a great time well `a hell of a time not in a bad way but a good way`


But the main thing is we all had fun in playing ladder's and stufflike that but i'll greatly miss you all...


Cu's around.

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GAZ :confused::confused::eek::eek:


Well you sound like you have genuine reasons for dedicating more time to more important things so go for it but it'll probably get better in the future mate and if/when you decide you want to have a game on CSS we'll be here, going nowhere so if you have time to spare pop in and say Hi, you've always been one of, if not our most active CSS player so it'll be a great loss to the clan :(


Good luck with wherever you go from here.



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