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The Unknown Ghosts

America's Army

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Well done sorting the AA server out Beav


Ty. :)


I just had a couple of games on the AA server and wow on some of the maps i parachuted in, really funny cause it was dark and ya cant see the floor coming.


ah - cool. Can you use nightvision when doing a para jump - that would be good?


I also decided to leave the server running all day too - let me know how it goes.

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Well after patching my AA with the 1.9 - 2.0 patch, i tried to connect and found a message saying that my log in was no longer valid so i had to create another login and yes i had to re-do the training again.


I finally got through to the adv marksmanship today with a score of 38 out of 40, and passed my M24 & M82 again, also i completed the SF E of E, first time as well, if your having difficulty all i found you had to do is use slow prone (there are 2 speeds in prone slow & not quite as slow) Use slow prone and stay away from trees and bushes, although bushes do give cover they also rustle when you enter them, which gives away your position,


I found that this test is really really really boring crawling everywhere but it only took me 30 mins start to finish and believe me crawling in prone for 30 mins almost makes ya wanna say B******s to this and pack it in, but its worth it in the end cause you get to Modify your weapon, get a decent scope etc.



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Heres my jacket: :ph34r:


Personnel Jacket


User Name UnMovingUK

E-Mail Address undyinguk@

Group Normal User

Experience 4915

Honor 9

Experience Required For Next Level 85

Marksmanship Score 38

Created 11/09/2003 06:47:31 AM

Last Updated 11/13/2003 11:54:46 AM



Basic Training Marksmanship Training

Obstacle Course

U.S. Weapons Familiarization



Advanced Marksmanship M-24 Sniper System

M-82 Sniper System


Airborne School 250' Tower

Live Jump


Medic Training Airway Management

Controlling Bleeding

Treatment of Shock

Field Training


Special Forces Training AVWID





Infantry Training MOUT McKenna

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