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The Unknown Ghosts


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Here some nice webpage's:


For nice Fonts go to:



For some good Tuturiols of Photoshop:



For some good looking Brushes of Photshop:



And the last, nice Renders of game's go to:



How u guys can do something with it :D





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OoOoW yeah i finnaly found out how

Photoshop works; Damn that program is awesome!


Take a look @ the pictures i made:




Just press on one of the blue letters above :blink::D





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Im going to review you at all aspects now, dont think it sux but i just give comments. Very nice colouring i love it. But there's no depth in the bg or something going on in the bg =9. It needs a border and the render should be bigger, becuz the sig is very large too. Text could use alot of work. No stroke for instance. Try mae sigs at 350 x 125 px =). Very nice sig m8... You should check out my gallery =].

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