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The Unknown Ghosts

Black Hawk Down Mod for GR


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I downloaded this mod today cause it sounded kinda fun, and quite frankly its total pants, part of the mod is the music from the film BHD, but unfortunately its really loud and sometimes so much so that ya cant hear the gun fire, and you cant turn the music off either.


The mod is set on the Vilnius map and i usually run at about 60 fps on Vilnius, on the BHD mod i averaged about 2-7 fps. Mainly because of the quantity of tango's, which is true to BHD but pants in a GR server, and large groups of tango's have a habit of spawning right next to ya so you dont really get a look in.


But the bit that really spoiled this mod is the night action, because the mod alters your NV so that you can only see about 6ft (no exaggeration) in front of ya. And as in true GR fashion the tangos can see a mile away. so you get slaghtered and never know where from.


I must admit i did like the M249 Para but thats just me.


All in all it aint worth the download time.


Overall rating 2/10 :angry:

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