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The Unknown Ghosts

GRAW - the reality

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Nice Video. Very Hollywood.


The USA should be fine as long as no-one else develops any improved technological systems and the 'Tangos' simply remain arming their troops with one AK47 and a bandana each ... Oh, wasn't that?.. doh, never mind..


Where there is technology there is always counter-technology (Armour Piercing vs Active Armour etc, etc,) but some things remains constant;


The single most important factor - Personnel.

The most important factor in developing those personnel - Training.


Without men you just have inert technology and without training you just have 'civvies' in uniforms carrying guns.


But it's nice to see at least one armed service getting the gear they truly deserve to protect the realm.. Still serving after 23 Years and I'm still seeing people without the right gear for the job..

Mr.Blair if you're listening, you're a c**t! ..

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