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My PC is running very slow connection wise.. So I've tried my internet provider (NTL) and they say my connection is fine when I have my firewall turned off but they can see my PC dropping on and off the network when its turn on, also I've tried different speed test and I'm getting less than 300k each time (should be 1mb) NTL say I either have a virus or my firewall is playing up... So I've installed Trend Mirco PC-cillin internet security 2006 to sort my firewall and virus protection out, but I'm still getting slow down?? when I'm playing CSS my ping is everywhere 300+ somtimes so I can't play :( any1 got any ideas?? NB- when I installed PC-cillin it did find a few virus but nothing major.



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Given the above information I offer the following as an avenue for deliberation:


1. Provider:

Have you searched the net for any others with a problem such as your own? I have just done a google on "Broadband drops on NTL" and come up with numerous forum posts. If NTL have stated that your line is correct could it be something to do with your router/modem?


2. Hardware:

You do not tell us what hardware you are using to connect to the internet, all I can assume from the fact that your ISP is NTL is that your PC is connected via a cable modem provided by them. Again trawl the net for any hardware related drop-out topics on forums. Netgear modem/routers are prone to drop-outs on a regular basis due to heat related problems (a capacitor on the main circuit board seems to be at fault), a fact I am all to aware of given that my "Netgear" wireless network can be an absolute Ass at times!


3. Connection settings:

Make sure that your MTU settings are correct for your type of connection. Problems with internet have been known to be caused (in part) by packet-loss, which can result in failure to connect and/or slow connection speeds. The MTU for a typical ADSL connection should ideally be no more than 1492 but for cable it can be as high as 1500. On BT anything higher than 1492 results in fragmented packets and thus a slow-down of data transfer. Use CyberTweak to optimise your connection (hyperlinked from my webspace at the end of this reply) and check your speed using Broadband Speed-Test (also hyperlinked). You may need to experiment to get the best results, but aim for zero fragmentation.


4. Firewall Software:

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite is a comprehensive Firewall, AntiVirus and Antispyware suite with a small system overhead when compared to the likes of Norton. You will find this at my webspace for your consideration. It is saved as a .rar file with a suitable serial for approximately 106 years of updates.


5. Spyware:

It is possible that your computer has become infected with spyware - This sort of infestation will not usually be detected by a 'regular' anti-virus suite. Employ the likes of Adaware and Spybot Search & Destroy to check your system for infestation. A handy utility for checking your system for running processes is Hijackthis, which can be used to spot unauthorised activities by analysis of it's produced logs. Another preventative measure is the use of SpywareBlaster, this is also a free utility which resides on your system and prevents certain malware activities. All above programs hyperlinked from my webspace.


6. Last resort:

The dreaded re-install of your operating system complete with the latest drivers and updates.


I hope the above helps. Here are the hyperlinks in question. All are linked to my own webspace so there will be no queue and download speeds should be at an optimium. Good Luck.


ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite


Spybot S&D





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thanks tant I'll do as you advised :)


something funny happened tonight I've connected as usual (steam didn't connect thou) and on its own accord my windows fonts changed?? the main windows bar at the bottom changed from blue to cream and the fonts changed too? is this a sign of a virus never had one so dunno?

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sounds like a nasty virus to me. but im only talkin from expiereance. unlike tant and bond i lack one key skill....... knowlage lol. (oh and spelling)


remember make sure you back up anything you dont want to loose before making big changes to your comp, onto a seperate hard drive compartmemt or on dvd/cd. virus' normaly attack the operating system files which if deleted could sotp windows working, totaly!


(i made made the mistake of not backing stuff up once before attacking a virus and i lost 2 years of photos, dont be a monkey like me ;) )


have fun :eek::blink:

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Cool thanks for the info guys... I've tired all the adware, spyware stuff last night and nothing has come up :( I'll try tant's vuirs software tonight if I get chance but PC Cilln hasn't pick up owt either..


I've only got my games on my PC so I might just start a fresh and get a new PC and bin this one.. hard drive is very small and crap anyway.


Any1 recommed any pre-build PC's just for gaming or do peeps think I should just build my own up? I'm just after the PC and a mointor, probably around ?800 to 1k max..

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The December issue of 'Computer Shopper' contained an article about systems for under ?850. Given the prices of purchasing individual components from online retailers, nowadays you barely save an decent sized margin by building yourself - I have always built my own systems but I am finding it increasingly difficult to compete with the 'purchasing power' of the major PC manufacturers.


The results of the article can be seen HERE.


Also have a look at these systems and see what you think:


PCNextday Zoostorm and Mesh Matrix.


Most systems can be configured to suit your budget. Happy Shopping!

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