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The Unknown Ghosts

New Cadet - TUGc_Flya


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Ahhh nice site,


that explains it...


Ok I dub th'e "hawkman"

Inspired form the old Buck Rogers TV series....


I even found an avatar for you so you don't have to bother making one yourself :D


by the way beaver why won't you let me post an image from my uploading site :(


oh well its at the bottom as an attachment


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I guess you brits never saw that very fine show :rolleyes:


Thats no helmet man.... thats his hair made of feathers......


Hawkman was the only pilot that could hold his own against ole Buck Rogers because he was part bird....and had the "instinct" of flight in him lol


Not to mention a fine cast of scantily clad hotties....ahhh the 80's :blink:



Here is a better picture of "the hawkman do"


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