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Chat with developers!!!

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Live Online Chat


The Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter developers will be online for a PC live chat with fans on February 16th at 5 PM GMT. Mathieu Girard ? Producer, and Bo Andersson ? Executive Producer and military expert, will be on hand talking with Ghost Recon fans and answering questions on the Single Player aspects of the game.


Here is everything you need to know in order to miss none of it:

If you're not familiar with IRC software, you can easily join the chat by following the steps below:

  • Go to http://chat.ubisoft.fr
  • Enter a username (whatever you wish)
  • You don't require a password
  • Select the GhostRecon channel

Chat times around the world:


9:00 ? San Francisco

11:00 ? Chicago

12:00 ? New York, Montreal

17:00 ? London

18:00 ? Paris, Munich

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Here's the edited log of the 2nd Developer chat.


Session Ident: #ghostrecon

[16:44:40] ? topic, [Today?s live chat will begin at 18:00 CET. The channel will be moderated: please direct your questions to Ryosan. To do so, double-click on his nick on the right-hand column and a new window will open.]

[16:44:40] ? set by, [Ryosan] at [Thu Feb 02 14:18:06 2006]

[17:07:02] [Ryosan] sets [+m]


[17:07:09] [@Ryosan] Hello and welcome to today?s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter chat!

[17:07:13] [@Ryosan] My name is Ryosan, I?m the EMEA Community Manager in charge of the Ghost Recon community.

[17:07:20] [@Ryosan] Thanks for joining us. Our guests this evening are Mathieu Girard (Producer) and Bo Andersson (Executive Director and military expert).


[17:07:55] [@Ryosan] Oops, Bo's not with us today unfortunately... so Ulf is taking over. Ulf is the Creative Director. Welcome Ulf!

[17:08:03] [+Ulf] Thanks!

[17:08:24] [+Ulf] Hi everybody!


[17:08:28] [@Ryosan] Thanks for taking the time to be with us guys.

[17:08:33] [@Ryosan] Let?s begin, then. The session is moderated: only Mathieu, Bo and I may post.

[17:08:43] [@Ryosan] This is how we?ll proceed: you may send your questions only to me and I will relay them. Please do not send them directly to them, they will only answer to mine. To send me a question, double-click on my nick (Ryosan) on the right hand column and a new window will open in which we may chat.


[17:09:02] [@Ryosan] We will then choose the questions according to their interest and relevance. Please remember this chat is exclusively dedicated to Ghost Recon Advanced. We will not answer questions not related to this game.


[17:09:20] [@Ryosan] We will post a full transcript of the chat on the official site, http://www.ghostrecon.com and on the boards ASAP. Here we go!


[17:10:07] [@Ryosan] But before we start, I?d like to make a little exclusive announcement ?

[17:10:13] [@Ryosan] We know you?re really fond of Ghost Recon and because we care about you (yes we do!), we decided to give you the opportunity to win cool Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter prizes. Basically, we?re going to ask you a series of questions without any warning, whether it?s during a live chat like today or through the Desk-Com later (download it at www.ghostrecon.com). The first to answer the question wins the prize! Easy, isn?t it?

[17:10:23] [@Ryosan] Today, we?re launching this "competition" and offering you 3 prizes. Stay tuned after the live chat to take part!


[17:10:56] [@Ryosan] How is the game coming along graphically compared to the Xbox 360 version?

[17:12:29] [+Ulf] On the question: We're using different technology, so we squeeze the most out of the PC, while the 360 team squeeze the most out of the 360.

[17:13:14] [+Ulf] *


[17:13:18] [@Ryosan] Can you update us on the PC demo?

[17:14:15] [+Ulf] We are working on a demo as we speak.

[17:14:29] [+Ulf] we will update you on the release date later on.

[17:14:30] [+Ulf] *


[17:15:01] [@Ryosan] Can you tells more about Diesel 6.0 graphic engine?

[17:16:22] [+Ulf] It's an engine that it's very easy to add new features too.

[17:16:43] [+Ulf] The engine grows every day, we're adding features daily.

[17:17:16] [+Ulf] Graphical, as well as AI, physics and audio.

[17:17:55] [+Ulf] We're in constant discussions with all major hardware manufacturers to make the most out of the PC platform.

[17:18:18] [+Ulf] *


[17:19:09] [@Ryosan] What are the differences between the Ageia physics engine and the Havoc engine?

[17:20:02] [+Ulf] We use them for different purposes in the game.

[17:20:33] [+Ulf] The Ageia physics are kick-ass though.

[17:21:33] [+Ulf] The Ageia card that's been announced now - you should see it rip!

[17:21:35] [+Ulf] *


[17:22:43] [@Ryosan] Will it be possible to customise the HUD?s interface before starting a game? If so, to what degree? ON/OFF, colours, size...

[17:24:02] [+Ulf] The HUD adapts itself to the situation, and shows you what you need to see.

[17:24:54] [+Ulf] Some parts become transparent when that info isn't currently needed.

[17:25:01] [+Ulf] *


[17:25:40] [@Ryosan] According to the missions, will they be non-linear like in GR1?

[17:27:08] [+Ulf] Yes. You can solve each gameplay situation in the game in an unlimited amount of ways and with different tactics/approach.

[17:27:20] [+Ulf] *


[17:27:50] [@Ryosan] Can we expect to see more of the PC version including video after the 360 launch?

[17:28:55] [+Ulf] Infor on the PC is not conencted to the launch of the 360 version.

[17:29:11] [+Ulf] PC info will come soon.

[17:29:53] [+Ulf] This chat is a PC specific event, right? =)

[17:29:54] [+Ulf] *


[17:30:40] [@Ryosan] Has the gameplay changed alot? In Orginal GR it wasnt possible to run, shoot and kill enemies at same time, no jumping and so on

[17:31:20] [+Ulf] No, that is exactly the kind of gameplay we have implemented into the PC version.

[17:31:40] [+Ulf] People who have played the original GR will find themselves at home in GRAW.

[17:32:02] [+Ulf] No bunny-hopping! =D

[17:32:04] [+Ulf] *


[17:32:08] [@Ryosan] Recently, we've seen game series like Rainbow Six loosing their tactical shooter approach to go more mainstream. Would you say that this is inevitable considering the game market in 2006 and that, in a way, Ghost Recon is going the same path?

[17:34:25] [+Ulf] The PC specific features of GRAW are all developed to push the game into the truly tactical realm.

[17:35:26] [+Ulf] Even though the game is story-driven, it's not going to be linear - it will offer plenty of freedom in how you approach things tactically.

[17:35:36] [+Ulf] *


[17:35:37] [@Ryosan] Why did you choose the "over the shoulder" view instead of firstperson? In GR1 the experience of being shoot was almost physical which was a strong reason not to be killed too often.

[17:36:42] [+Ulf] GRAW PC has 1st person view o n l y .

[17:37:50] [+Ulf] We, as you , TST, believe that this is the best and only way to play a tactical game on PC.

[17:37:52] [+Ulf] *


[17:38:09] [@Ryosan] what kinds of commands will we be able to give our team members?

[17:40:20] [+Ulf] We have four basic orders, that your teammates will execute in different ways depending on the situation.

[17:40:49] [+Ulf] You can use group orders, individual orders, and chain orders in the tactical map.

[17:41:27] [+Ulf] You can also develop parrallel plans, and synchronize several plans at the same time or individually.

[17:42:13] [+Ulf] It is also possible to give orders directly in the 1st person view - it's very intuitive.

[17:42:50] [+Ulf] By using these tools, you can flank, ambush, etc. your enemy.

[17:42:51] [+Ulf] *


[17:44:11] [@Ryosan] how many people in multi per squad?

[17:45:11] [+Ulf] 16 in domination mode.

[17:45:13] [+Ulf] *


[17:46:33] [@Ryosan] how we can use the tactical map? can you tell more about that.

[17:47:28] [+Ulf] The tacmap is a view from above, updated in realtime - it's basically a satellite view of the battle area.

[17:48:05] [+Ulf] It's an actual rendering of the 3d view - not just a flat map. you can actually see enemies moving on the streets, etc.

[17:48:56] [+Ulf] Here, you are able to issue orders to your teammates and support units, orchestrating beautiful tactical music of death!

[17:49:06] [+Ulf] *


[17:49:36] [@Ryosan] Would enemies and enemy vehicles have large patrolling areas and would they appear at different places everytime we replay a mission ? Or would we meet them at the same place every time we replay ?

[17:51:06] [+Ulf] Yes, the enemy forces patrol the environment - so you always need to be ready for action, the enemy can be anywhere.

[17:51:45] [+Ulf] Also, the enemies are very intelligent, and adapt to the location - they try to pin you down and flank you, and use the side-streets and available covers to do so.

[17:52:05] [+Ulf] *


[17:52:46] [@Ryosan] What options will we have in GRAW to make the game more realistic/harder?

[17:53:37] [+Ulf] We have a difficulty setting that allows you to raise the difficulty level to your preference.

[17:54:05] [+Ulf] We are even thinking of implementing some super-hardcore setting for the pain lovers out there.

[17:54:52] [+Ulf] *


[17:55:40] [@Ryosan] in SP how we can control the team? there's a system like Brother in Arms(if u have seen that) or similar?

[17:56:23] [+Ulf] You can control the team as a group or each teammate individually.

[17:56:54] [+Ulf] You can also see what they see thanks to a camera mounted on their helmets.

[17:57:42] [+Ulf] GRAW PC relies heavily on tactical use of the teammates. They're not just gun power.

[17:57:52] [+Ulf] *


[17:58:03] [@Ryosan] Which feature do you like the most, and tell us a bit more about it

[17:58:54] [+Ulf] That would be the tactical map. It really brings the tactics into GRAW PC.

[17:59:09] [+Ulf] It also makes the PC version truly stand out.

[17:59:14] [+Ulf] *


[17:59:58] [@Ryosan] Will effects like shooting cars in pieces be also possible with havoc?

[18:02:13] [+Ulf] You get the full gameplay value even without the the Ageia card - but the Ageia physics effects add a whole new level of spectacular visual treats.

[18:02:19] [+Ulf] *


[18:02:55] [@Ryosan] What kind of specialist we'll see in team Ghost?

[18:03:39] [+Ulf] All the ghosts in your team are fully configurable in terms of weapons and equipment. The ghost which you give a sniper rifle, will be the sniper.

[18:03:56] [+Ulf] Basically, you create your own setup of specialists.

[18:04:02] [+Ulf] *


[18:04:30] [@Ryosan] what kind of animation have been realized for GR3?

[18:05:52] [+Ulf] All the animations in the PC version have been done exclusively for the PC version. They look awesome.

[18:06:11] [+Ulf] *


[18:06:26] [@Ryosan] Would the enemies use covering fire and flanking and would they try to sneak up on us constantly ?

[18:07:05] [+Ulf] Yes, they're a bunch of sons of bitches fo' sho'.

[18:07:18] [+Ulf] *

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