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The Unknown Ghosts

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lol by the time GR3 gets released we will ALL need new pcs :frown:
Yaa better start out running there Flya if you going to keep up to that Billy Gates.! Over the next 10 year's before he cleans up all the mess that he makes.or the lack of support for this an that. Bought a new PC a year ago/the CDRW_Burner in it is a OEM , so if you buy something , look for head-aches if you buy cheap stuff or buy the deals that the computer got, not you,got to go to them for the support not the company .. that was what SONY told me on the phone/i ever buy new any thing for parts or a new PC again/ be asking who is going to update this part's , if they think they going to pawn it off on you,so a computer store with the best prices/is not everything that it might boil down to being.. Yaa been told. :angry:
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