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I have finally managed to get Psychostats to work (nearly 100%) and all the stats from our de_dust2 server are being imported.


In future, the stats will be updated 3 times per day if all goes well.


Check out how your doing here:


oh & yes I know there are problems with the GFX not showing, I'm trying to fix that. :)

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Ok, I have imported the last 5 months worth of logs into Psychostats last night & things seem to be working ok.


I still need to figure out what I did wrong as the gfx arent showing, BUT at least you guys are showing on the stats page.


Right now its default sorted by SKILL, but I have set the ranks to sort by KILLS.


The stats will update 3 times per day: 8am - 4pm - 11:59pm


Hopefully over the weekend I can figure out a few things.


In order to be ranked, you must have greater than 25 kills and have played on the server for at least 10 minutes.


Let me know if you see any problems. (Apart from the GFX not working)



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** UPDATE **


Because I am a retard - I broke a few things on the server when trying to fix a few security holes I left open.


Dont ask, but I'd left open mysql and some peeps had managed to hack it & compromise the web area.


In locking it all down - I somehow broke the mysql - I'm going to mess about with the settings and try to put it back online again shortly.

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Yeah it says that when stats are not enabled. For some reason the stats are disabled whenever tehre is a match change and all the restricted weapons are allowed all of a sudden. I don't know why. I reckon that AWP should be restricted only when ppl are being gay with it.. autosnipe however can stay restricted..

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yeah well could we maybe creat a public config then? It needs to be automatically run everytime the map changes. For the 3 RR's do I just bind a key to an alias that will restartgame and say all of the shit in between them in the alias. Or just directly bind a key to all of the actions?


and btw how do I speak through console?


Beaver do you maybe have an url so we can see HLstatsX?

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