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The Unknown Ghosts

Got yah!! CHEATER!!

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Heey guys,

this is a funny story :D. Yesterday night when i arrived from work i played

a war with Chase (2on2) the guys we're unbelievable allmost only headshots

and they couldt get flashed, even when i heard i throwed the flash against him, anyway i was on T-spawn with AWP and i didnt saw him coming from the side he throwed a flash and i was damn flashed i count till 2 and shoot with the AWP and with some luck i gave the guy a headshot while i was blinded:biggrin:. I told him that i had cheats just to check what he would do, he sayd any1 has cheats these days and suddenly he putted his Speed hax and Aim-bot on it was so funny i recorded him and made a screenie of his steam ID :).




Check out the demo and screenie:




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this bloke "chase" accused me of cheating around 2 weeks ago when i had a particularly good game on dust 2.


instead of admiting defeat and being respectful to myself and other players he insisted on calling me a rate hacker (wtf is that?):angry: and continued to have a go until i just gave up and left the server.


i hope this moron gets kicked and learns the lesson that being a bad hypocritical cheat does not pay. :mad:

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