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Originally Posted By .TuGr.Turbo

i just hope im good enough and consistent


You are good, i have seen you play. Dont worry its all about fun not skill, if u have great skill like Sam it will be an added bonus. I joined this clan and my skill was low but with enuff practise and matches my skill has gotten even better. On the TuG2 server i am rank between 70-80 that is a major jump for me.:D so dont worry


Originally Posted By .TuGr.Turbo

I dont want to be the counterstrike equivelent of peter crouch.


What are you dissing Peter Crouch for dude!!:eek: He mayb tall but i think he is a great player, y do ppl hate him so much. Now he has scored 1 goal he has opened a gateway to scoring more. Just think he scored a goal against Portugal (I think its portugal lmao) which made England level, without his tallness England r nothing he can win everything in the air ^^

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