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WTF? No dedicated files until 'summer'?

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Over on the gr.com official site, the latest news post about the 1.10 patch contains some good & bad news about the coming updates in June.


Note the bolded part at the bottom about the dedicated server files.


I've started a thread over on gr.net forums asking for a clarificarion:




After releasing the most anticipated Tactical FPS of 2006 on PC, Ubisoft is proud to show its strong support of the latest instalment in the Ghost Recon series, as well as to its fans!


Five years after its release, the first Ghost Recon is still considered as a ?must have? in terms of the online experience it provided. This is due to its unique mix of FPS and tactical shooter elements, as well as its exclusive and addictive MP modes?but most of all, its success is due to the support of fans all around the world!


Ubisoft?s desire has always been to listen to the GR community and take into consideration their expectations and desires. That is the reason why today Ubisoft is releasing an immediate patch and revealing new free multiplayer content to be released throughout the summer for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on PC.


Starting in June, Ubisoft and developer GRIN will release brand new multiplayer modes, including:

  • Deathmatch mode, Map Editor for Deathmatch and Domination, anti-cheat fixes, Anti Aliasing feature, and New co-op maps

    Throughout the summer:
  • Team Deathmatch, Hamburger Hill modes, Original GR co-op mode, Map editor for TDM, HH, OGR co-op, GRAW co-op improvement (quick start and respawn) and Dedicated Server pack

Enjoy playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter!

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