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GR:AW 1.20 Patch Released

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The v1.20 patch for GR:AW has now appeared on the UBISOFT downloads server and is available now for immediate download.


Patch 1.20 has now been released for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on PC. This patch contains the complete 1.16 update with all the maps and files' date=' so you don't need to download it. Here is the changelog: [list']

[*]A serious timing issue that could cause servers to crash or lock up on map rotation after a 7-10 hour idle period has been fixed.

[*]Increased the grace period for anticheat to receive a reply from the client.

[*]Fixed crash where AI snipers would crash the game when noticing vehicles.

Direct Link: GR:AW 1.20 Patch


It ways in at 128MB


Enjoy. :D

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