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The Unknown Ghosts

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Post here your CS:S movies edit or not :D,

Just show us some cool frags ;).


I'll start of with the last official match VS FH-C.

Just 4 kills but its funny :D




This is the fastest shot i ever did with AWP...




More to come, I have to check my demo's to cut it.



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Very cool guys... :)


Wish I had the time & patience to make stuff like that - I have tons of old replays from our GR match days that we could make cool frag movies from, but just dont have the time or skill to try & make something. :lol:

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Here again after some long time away i made some quick movies, just sit back and chill + dont expect anything special :)


Some shots with me and FATOX :)





How to pwn on a public when ur the last man standing in your team

( 1 << Me VS 6 )




And the final one, but not finished yet.... This is gona be my real movie with all my scenes in it.. its just an intro but chill em




Chill it and drink beer :P.




Sam aKa P0rnstar !

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