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HAHAHA, coincidentally a friend of mine made me download that a week ago whilst another friend told me that it sucked and that he would "reclaim the 20min of my life back if I could."I couldn't get it to work. The Warrock updater just told me "Could not get file [blah.zip]


icon_nav.gifTemp fix for the "Cannot open a zip file" error.


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icon_minipost.gifPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 8:23 am Post subject: Temp fix for the "Cannot open a zip file" error.icon_quote.gif Thanks to c0rez0r


Quote:hey, ive found a solution.


other solutions say that you should reinstall your warrock. i have something better.


the updater checks your version with the version on the server, so just make yours what it was before and it will download patches from that version all the way to the new version.


this bug is caused by a download not being completed, and the downloader marking it as complete. the game wont launch until it extracts the update, but since it's corrupted (unfinished) it cannot.




it will be forced to download all the patches, but its better that reinstalling.


either do that, or set your version to a previous version number.



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Yeah I kept on trying until it properly got all the files and it played.


Yes a real POS:


1. I could not play in a window... (no multi-tasking)

2. The movement was shite and you could just dive all over the place.

3. The graphics looked almost half as good as return to castle wolfenstein (not even the 3d one, and that's me being generous)

4. The way the guns work was shite.

5. No skill needed..

6. Wasted my disk space and time..

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