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The Unknown Ghosts

Contract Crap I mean Contract Jack

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Well as the thread title suggest this isnt the best game on the market at the moment its not quite the worst but its getting there, ive only played the SP version so far if i get really bored i might dl the MP version but dont hold your breath, the thing that i found that spoilt this game the most was the fact that when you shot someone it usually takes half a smg clip to put them down and it doesnt matter whether you shoot them in the face or in the ass it still takes the same amount of rounds, where as shooting them with a shot gun takes but one shot. The graphics although smooth are pushing towards the cartoon land, but not cel shading.


Personally overall i think it aint worth buying till it comes out on budget range, then after youve paid your ?5 if ya dont like it then its only ?5 youve wasted.


Overall Rating 2/10 :(

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