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The Unknown Ghosts

IDEA:Fortnight Sessions

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I?ve noticed that there?s no ranking system for GRAW at the moment. Me and Skeeta would like to implement a seeding system which would be similar to a league table.






Session Rules


- Sessions would happen once a fortnight


- Each session would consist of 5-10 games on our server in a single evening (members only ? password server).


- Sessions would only be valid, when 10 or more members are playing (keeping up the high standards)


- The league would only finish when every member has played 10 sessions. A member can still play when 10 (or the sessions limit) have been reached. But the scores collected during them sessions would not influence the league. (This would enable members to catch up on sessions, if they miss any)


This is just an idea, and any/everything aspect is up for change/discussion. I think this would add an extra aspect to our games and also add plenty of micky taking all-round (when I?m top of the table lol) it?s just a bit of fun really and it gives us all a chance to see clan members only.


I?m just looking for around 10 different positive replies before taking any measures into implementation.



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