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New Full Members - Lok & Morri


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im in...for real...:D finally i can stop use all the cheats i got from Skeeta, thx for sharing m8... (wont tell any1).

anyway, its a big honour for me to be in TuG and i hope we will do a lot of matches in the future...


btw... dont get anxious if you start to speak some swenglish and gain some extra pounds...its probaly coz i filled your poor asses with some good old swedish lead...(with my gun of course:eek: dont get any thoughts...).


we got 1 guy that will prbably speak fluid swedish at the end of this month, espacially if he plays like he did last night. i wont tell you any names, i just say that he speaks irish right now...any guess??:D


see you all bye

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