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The Unknown Ghosts

Hello TuG


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Hello TuG,

A few months ago I moved to Counter-Strike: Source from over a year of CS1.6 and tactical shooters and I've been looking for a good team to learn with.


Recently I've been looking at your public server and it seems to always be free from TuG members, which is a shame.


My Xfire ID is lmaonader if any of you would care to add me, and I am looking forward to playing with you.

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No, you haven't played GR:AW, I'd be in a small house, needing to get down, only a couple foot drop, I'll sit there on teamspeak complaining about that they can't jump:smile: And I'll go on CS:S if some other people are online.


Dave Jumping is ghey where is the realism in that all you get are bloody idiots hopping around like demented rabbits.


I have CS and have played it for a while it sucks, that is my opinion based on alot of hours gameplay.


Also I have never heard anyone complain on TS about jumping wtf are you on about


I have never once wanted to or needed to jump over something when playing GR or GRAW


Oh and hello to the new forum person


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Mate hes to embarrased to load his xfire as peeps will then know he plays cs, as you all should be ashamed that you let peeps know about this terrible game ;)


CS:S is great... it's a matter of opinion:smile: And it's a different style of gaming, of course it is an fps and you go bang bang with some guns, but the gameplay is completely different, GR:AW is really realistic. It's a great game though, both very good.:)

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