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omg - I did it!! I bought a sexbox360

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Yep, I finally broke and bought myself a sexbox360 today. :)


Got the premium pack from Game, with the extra wireless controller + PGR3.


I also bought a copy of Lost Planet:Extreme Condition....


Just need to figure out how all this crap works now, so I can get owned by some spotty 12 year old american kid who'll keep calling me noob while he/she owns me!

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crikey - this thing is fun.


I can now access all my music, videos & pics on my shuttle PC via the TV downstairs. :)


I can even plug in my ipod to the sexbox & stream the music & other stuff off it. Wootabix!!

Just a minor glitch on the video playback - you can only stream windows WMV or MPEG2 files - it doesnt support divx/xvid/mp4 at all.... :sad:


Hopefully that will be fixed in the future, & I think there are work-arounds using 'transcoding' if you have windows media center on your pc.


I guess for the meantime I'll have to convert my films to WMV format.

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