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Company Of Heroes - Patch Released - v1.60

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Hot on the heels of the v1.51 patch, comes a new v1.60 patch with various fixes & updates.


Weighing in at approx 115MB, the patch can be downloaded from the Filefront mirror below:




Patch Details:




v1.60 05/01/2007


General Fixes & Features


- Fixed AI bug that caused retreated units to gather closely around the HQ.


- Worldbuilder now shows territory properly.


- Fixed a crash that occurred while loading old files.


- Fixed a bug in crew switching during AT gun movement.


- Fixed a graphical bug in the replay menu.


- Fixed a bug with unit weapon slots after dropping two weapons.


- Fixed a crash bug when launching saved games from Windows Explorer in Vista.


- Fixed multiplayer maps not drawing boundary lines after a performance test.


- Anti-hacking systems have been integrated.


- Tiger Ace with wreck mesh has been fixed.


- Fog of War can be toggled on and off during Replays in the Replay Menu.


- Scenario packs will show UI images and loading screen.


- Recorded game files no longer saved to disk until after the game.


- Fixed timed ability not triggering on all selected squads.


- Fixed a bug that caused the Panzerschreck to misfire.


- Hyperlinking support added to news items.


- Addfriend and Removefriend commands are now disallowed in game.


Online Fixes & Features


- Players can now see the number of

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