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Kill Me!!!!!!


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O M F G !!!!


I met my ****in and totally hated nightmare at work.....


It was about 16.00h, then they suddenly entered the subway restaurant i work in: the ****in gayest band on earth: Tokio Hotel....


Maybe you heard of em, they have a concert in Hannover at the TUI Arena tonight!

If there werent their damn securtity guys, I'm sure I would have killed all of them :eek:

I'm one of the hardest Tokio Hotel-Haters in the way.Anyway, they checked in at Mercure Hotel this day, in my lunch brake I went over there, its just about 50m away from Subway, but didnt see them(I was really glad, but dunno why I went there) and then they came in there. Gosh, next time I'll kill them at all for any time in the world!!!!

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