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The Unknown Ghosts

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FTK are thinking about getting all the clan together for one big shot out.

And would like to invite your clan to join us in this amazing battle.

The best of the best fighting against each other

This will be happing on the 18th May 2007 GTM 21.00

Please let us know if you want to be in this at (www.fulltimekillers.co.uk)

Thanks =FTK=Wez



Hamburger hill 5deaths 10min 3 rounds.

we just want all good players in the server from clans

ok thanks hope to see you friday

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Since topping the TWL we have been laying low and waiting for graw 2 come out mate. We haven't played for a month or so and weve only been on graw 1since the graw 2 beta has been taken down. But were try to get some players together.

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If you cant get in the server till late then dont matter

we just want all clans to be there to make it hard

the server will be called FTK CLANS ONLY

ok might make it 1death no too sure yet

hopefully see you later

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