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TGPSP - v1.01 Released

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We are pleased to announce the public release of v1.01 of the .TuG. GR:AW1/GR:AW2 Player Stats Project.


- Fixed: dbsetup.sql - now supports MySQL 4 & 5 databases.

- Fixed: importstats.php - wasn't picking up MySQL details when run directly.

- Fixed: config.php - $AURL = "/grawstats"; was missing.

- Fixed: clan tags at end of name. "tag.name" & "name.tag".


- Removed: config.php & index.php - recruit tag condition removed.


- Added: importstats.php - after processing' date=' files are now renamed. Format: gametype_date_time.xml (uses time-stamp of round)


- Updated: tgpsp-readme.html[/quote']


Official Download here.


Official Mirror @ GhostRecon.net (Thanks Rocky)


Thanks & enjoy! :)


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