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The Unknown Ghosts

Real battle maps

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There are a few good ideas flying around. But I think it would be nice to try and build a few maps based on true historic battles. E.g. maybe play hamburger hill on the real Vietnam Hamburger hill (Dong Ap Bia, A Shau Valley). A lot of research will be need to collect details photo, aerial, satellite images, but at least the maps will have some meaning to them.

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If you find out the exact locations (ie Lg and Lt) you could get some aerial stuff using Google Earth and then copy it?? Just a suggestion.


:blink: This is proving to be more difficult that i first thought!!

TuG Talon and myself have spent 2 days now trying to track down a topigraphical map of the area with no luck. Google earth is no good as the the area is only covered by low res photos and there is a huge cloud formation over the sumit!! we have amasted a fair few photos of the hill taken from ground level or from huey's operating in the area. Our next step is to research the 82nd Airborn arcives as it was there mission "Apache Snow" recon in force that started the whole thing:eek:. hopfully we may find the map were after in one of there web sites. The strange thing is we can find quite detailed maps of most of the rest of veitnam in the war! just not the bit we want :confused: i will keep you updated.

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