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TuG TvT MapPack1 - Beta1 Released

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We are pleased to announce the 1st public beta release of the TuG TvT MapPack1


.TuG.brok21k & .TuG.Beaver have been working away over the last few weeks figuring out how the editor works & what goes where in the XML's. :)


This Beta1 release includes 4 maps with TvT 3 gamemodes:


The Dam (Day) - TDM / S / HH

The Dam (Fog) - TDM / S / HH


The Villa (Day) - TDM / S / HH

The Villa (Night) - TDM / S / HH


Download via our 'Downloads Section': Downloads


Note: All Bugs should be reported via our Project Tools here.


05/09/2007 - Beta1 - Initial Beta Release.


Thanks & enjoy! :)

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