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gr:aw2 - Error in application - support

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Yesterday I had some problems with starting gr:aw2. :mad:


Initial point: I had the new maps downloaded from www.ghostrecon.net in my custom_levels folder

afterwards I`ve inserted the new .TUG. maps:TuG Defend The_Cut

TuG MapPack1 Beta1

TuG Firefight Beta1

and city.bundle

my pc gave me this:


Crash in application version: 0.2989


Custom level bundle tug_firefight_beta1 contains an invalid file path




How to fix it:

TAKE OUT the the_cut_day.bundle and the the timber_day.bundle


I don`t know why but now gr:aw2 works again!!! :D


If gr:aw2 still doesn`t work take out all of the other bundles without the 4 listet overhead! (or contact me)

When you are in the mood u can try to put some bundles in again etc.


Hope U don`t have this prob but when this may help ya (I think)!!!


Special thanks go to .TUG.Gop for helping me fixing it!!!


cya in the server, on the forums & in TS!

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